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YouTubers only get canceled when everyone's bored

James Charles is back, proving that nobody stays canceled for long. 
The 20-year-old beauty vlogger's feud with his former mentor Tati Westbrook over his sponsorship of her company's rival hair vitamins rocked social media. In her now-deleted takedown "Bye Sister" — a play off Charles' chipper video introductions, "Hi sisters!" — Westbrook publicly ended their "transactional" friendship and said her former protégé sexually harassed other men, knowing that they identified as straight and wouldn't return his advances.
YouTube drama is often contained to the community; when vloggers begin feuding and stans take sides, it rarely extends beyond the people who already religiously follow the creators involved. But last year's explosive Dramageddon showed that when the drama is juicy enough, even the most offline people will follow along.  Read more...More about Youtube, Drama, Canceled, Culture, and Web Culture

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