en-US After 17 years in prison, #039;American Taliban#039; John Walker Lindh set for release this week After serving 17 years of a 20-year sentence, John Walker Lindh, the American captured in Afghanistan in 2001 and convicted of providing support to the Taliban, is set to be released from an Indiana federal prison on Thursday. Lindh was 20 when he was arrested. After converting from Catholicism to Islam at 16, he left the U.S. to study Arabic in Yemen at 17. He made his way to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he was a Taliban volunteer at an al-Qaeda training camp. Because he is an American citizen, Lindh was tried in federal court, and at his sentencing decried acts of terrorism and said he was wrong to join the Taliban. Two leaked documents show that the government questions whether Lindh has shed his extremist views, The New York Times reports. A May 2016 memo said Lindh "continued to advocate for global jihad and to write and translate violent extremist texts," and a 2017 Federal Bureau of Prisons intelligence assessment states he made positive comments about the Islamic State. Under his terms of release, Lindh will not be allowed to go online or own a device that can access the internet without permission from his probation officer, the Times reports. He also can't travel internationally or communicate with "any known extremist," and must go through mental health counseling. Seamus Hughes, deputy director of the George Washington University's program on extremism, told the Times the government doesn't have a system in place to deal with people like Lindh, and the best move would be to "team him up with a mentor, somebody who perhaps had the same experiences as he may have had and came out on the other side better off because of it." Wed, 22 2019 03:58:55 GMT HUD Secretary Ben Carson sent a pack of Oreos to a lawmaker after he flubbed a question about REOs during a congressional hearing Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson addressed a gaffe he made Tuesday at a US House Committee on Financial Services hearing with an attempt at a self-deprecating joke. "OH, REO! Thanks, @RepKatiePorter," Carson tweeted. "Enjoying a few post-hearing snacks. Sending some your way!" Carson was asked by Rep. Katie Porter about REOs. The acronym stands for "real estate-owned" and it is used to discuss foreclosed properties. "An Oreo?" Carson responded, before Porter explained the term. Carson has been criticized for being underprepared to lead the organization, which is tasked with addressing the nation's affordable housing. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson addressed a gaffe made Tuesday at a House Committee on Financial Services hearing with an attempt at a self-deprecating joke. "OH, REO! Thanks, @RepKatiePorter," Carson tweeted. "Enjoying a few post-hearing snacks. Sending some your way!" Attached were two photos: one of Carson holding a package of Oreos and one with a note for Rep. Katie Porter, a Democrat from California. Carson was asked by Porter about REOs; the acronym stands for "real estate-owned" and it is used to discuss foreclosed properties. "An Oreo?" Carson responded, before Porter explained the term. Read more: HUD Secretary Ben Carson confused a basic foreclosure term for the name of a cookie in congressional testimony "Respectfully, that was my day job before I came to Congress," Porter later said to Carson, in response to him saying he could connect her with the people at HUD who work on foreclosures. "I spent a decade working with the people at HUD on this problem." Before being elected to Congress in 2018, the congresswoman was a law professor at University of California, Irvine, where her expertise includes bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure. "In March 2012, Professor Porter was appointed by California Attorney General Kamala Harris to be the state's independent monitor of banks in a nationwide $25 billion mortgage settlement," her UCI bio explains. "As Monitor, she oversaw the banks' implementation of the settlement reforms and conducted extensive community outreach and education." Carson, an author, former Republican presidential candidate, and renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, was appointed by President Donald Trump to lead HUD, an agency created in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson as part of his Great Society. As Curbed points out, "Ben Carson, has been criticized by housing advocates for being unprepared for the position and underinformed about the role that this massive agency plays in the lives of many Americans." (He was also knocked for using taxpayer dollars to purchase a $31,000 dining table for his office.) HUD's mission is to "create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all," according to its website, and the agency is tasked with affordable housing, rental assistance, and helping owners avoid foreclosure, among a host of duties. The Trump administration, however, continues to whack the department's budget. The 2020 budget is proposing "$44.1 billion in discretionary funding, a 16.4 percent decrease from 2019 funding levels," Curbed explained in March of this year.SEE ALSO: HUD Secretary Ben Carson confused a basic foreclosure term for the name of a cookie in congressional testimony Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: White House photographer Pete Souza reveals what it was like to be in the Situation Room during the raid on Osama bin Laden Wed, 22 2019 01:36:19 GMT Kristen Wiig movie and upcoming Amazon series won#039;t film in Georgia over abortion law Two Hollywood productions have just scrapped plans to film in Georgia over the state's new abortion law. Director Reed Morano told Time on Tuesday that she has called off plans to scout locations in Georgia for her new Amazon Studios series The Power following Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signing a law that effectively bans abortion after six weeks. "We had no problem stopping the entire process instantly,” Morano said. "There is no way we would ever bring our money to that state by shooting there." Location scouts had been working in Savannah for months, one of whom already bought a house there and told Time, "we're in panic mode." Additionally, the upcoming Kristen Wiig comedy Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar has also pulled out of Georgia, a representative for Wiig confirmed to Time. Wiig will star in this film and co-wrote it along with Annie Mumolo, whom she previously collaborated with on the hit 2011 comedy Bridesmaids. This comes after a number of producers had announced plans to boycott Georgia, which has become a popular filming location thanks to its generous tax incentives. The Wire creator David Simon was among those who said his company wouldn't film in the state over the law. The Motion Picture Association of America previously said amid these boycotts that "the outcome in Georgia will also be determined through the legal process" and that "we will continue to monitor developments." Some have objected to the Georgia boycotts, arguing they will only unjustly hurt the thousands of members of the film industry there. Morano told Time that while "I'm sorry if the work moves away from where you live ... having this basic fundamental right for women is more important than anything in this moment in time." Tue, 21 2019 20:26:29 GMT Comcast, a trusted company, wants to monitor you with a smart device It looks like you fell down. Someone will be there between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to assist you.  Yes, that's right, everyone's favorite and definitely trusted company, Comcast, is working on a smart  device of some kind with voice-interactive features to monitor customers' health. The news, first reported by CNBC, was independently confirmed by Mashable. The tracker will be pilot tested laster this year.  Importantly, unlike the Google Home or Amazon Echo, Comcast's foray into in-home devices won't search the web or recite the forecast. Instead, it will reportedly track customer bathroom trips, and how much time they spend in bed. The company is also reportedly working on a way to track if customers have fallen down in their homes.  Read more...More about Health, Comcast, Smart Speaker, Tech, and Health Tue, 21 2019 20:14:43 GMT The best air walker and air glider exercise machines you can buy Air walkers, also known as air gliders, are exercise machines that provide a great way to get a full-body, calorie-burning, low-impact aerobic workout at home. The Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer is not only the best overall but also the budget model on the list; it's smooth, easy to assemble, compact, and economical.      When someone gave me an air walker, I tried it and wondered, how in the world is this exercise? All I'm doing is swinging my feet! After about 10 minutes of nonstop striding, however, I did break a sweat and realized that continuing for another 10 to 20 minutes at a brisk clip would constitute a decent full-body aerobic workout. Air walkers — especially those with built-in resistance — provide low-impact exercise for your leg, arm, and abdominal muscles. Think of an air walker as the elliptical trainer's low-tech, less glamorous, space- and money-saving cousin. On an air walker, you keep your legs mostly straight as you move them back and forth (or even side to side on some models) as opposed to bending and straightening them while stepping on an elliptical machine. Also, air gliders are smaller and more economical, making them convenient, portable home exercise equipment that doesn't need electricity. An air walker is powered by your body's motion and weight, so you control its speed and your workout's intensity —the faster, harder, and wider (or higher) you stride, the more intense the workout. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults have "at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity." With the air walker, you'll get aerobic and weight-bearing exercise — important for bone density — that's easy on your joints and ears (i.e., quiet enough for watching television, listening to podcasts, etc.). From experience, I can say that striding on an air walker definitely raises the heart rate, burns calories, tones muscles all over (especially the butt!), stretches legs and hips, engages the core, and tests a person's balance as well as coordination. Exercising on an air walker consistently can help you lose weight and strengthen muscles without bulking up. When choosing an air walker, consider the following: Size: You want one that can accommodate your stride length and your weight. Many models fold up for easy storage but if you plan on keeping it set up, make sure it fits your allotted open space. Frame: One that's strong, stable, and durable in build, yet smooth and fluid in motion is ideal. Resistance: Some models come with adjustable levels of resistance while others offer no resistance. My air walker has no built-in resistance, but I simply tie TheraBand resistance bands around the moving bars connecting the handles to the pedals in order to create resistance. You also can attach bungee cords instead. Versatility: In addition to moving front to back, the foot pedals of some models move side to side for additional exercises (great for inner thigh toning) What's also nice about air walkers as exercise equipment is that they are fairly low-maintenance. Just check for loose screws and oil the joints occasionally. As with any health and exercise product, follow the instructions and practice safe use. If you have any health-related concerns, consult a medical professional before using. Here are our top picks for the best air walker in 2019: Best air walker overall: Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer Best basic air walker: Gazelle Edge Best versatile air walker: Fitness Reality Dual Action/Multidirectional Cloud Walker X1 Best outdoor air walker: Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider Best high-end air walker: Gazelle Supreme Keep scrolling to read more about our top picks.The best overall The Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer is not only top-rated, but it's also the best-priced model for striding your way to cardiorespiratory fitness. Believe it or not, the Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer — rated number-one by fitness websites including Lat PullDown, Fit For Gym, and Top Fitness Review — is also the lowest priced model on our list of top picks. Use this "budget-friendly" yet popular and high-performing equipment to tone your muscles and get a full-body, low-impact cardio-aerobic workout. In addition to exercising your legs and arms, this model works your abdominal muscles as you maintain an upright posture while gliding. Unlike most air walker models, the Sunny Health Fitness Air Walker Trainer has a vertically adjustable abdominal pad for support and comfort. Some people like the pad, while others remove it for more room and instead use their abdominals even more for stability and endurance.  It has a sturdy steel frame, oversized nonslip footpads/pedals, and an LCD monitor that conveniently displays workout information like time, count, total distance, and calories burned. People weighing up to 225 pounds can stretch their calf-, thigh- and gluteal muscles with the 30-inch stride length. When not being used, the space-saving Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer folds down to half its open length (from 29 inches to 15 inches) for a small footprint and easy storage. However, several Amazon users note that the walker felt "flimsy" and the plastic pedal separated from the metal frame. What people do like is the walker's smooth, quiet operation. You can start off in a slow walk to warm up before progressing to a faster run all in one continuous movement. Made for all ages, this model is popular with former runners and people up to their 80s because it's gentle on the ankles, knees, and back. The Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer might not be intense enough for some athletes but it is, as one Amazon reviewer writes, a "perfect 'while-you-watch-TV' workout." Another reviewer had a novel idea of installing one at the office "to spend a few minutes throughout the day getting some mild cardio, get the blood circulating, and working out some of the tension. You won't break a sweat in your nice suit, but you may prevent yourself from getting a blood clot!" In addition to the aforementioned accolades, the Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer ranks first on Best Reviews Info and second on Best Seekers, while 10Best Ranked, which selected the machine as its top model, named it the "Best Abdominal Muscle Toning Air Walker." In addition to being critiqued favorably on Best Women's Workout Reviews, it earned 4.5 out of 5 stars from Target customers and 5 stars by 53% of more than 800 Amazon reviewers. Pros: Smooth operation, compact body, easy assembly, great price Cons: Only moderately intensive, no resistance, flimsy for some Buy the Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer on Amazon for $83.96 Buy the Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer on Target for $83.99 The best basic air walker For people who want a no-frills yet effective air walker, the Gazelle Edge is the way to go — dependable, glides smoothly, and provides a good workout. Although less fancy than the high-end Gazelle Supreme, the Gazelle Edge still does the job. It delivers a cardio-aerobic, total-body workout that burns calories and tones muscles while being easy on the joints — not to mention, fun. This basic model doesn't have any resistance, but it does have a patented, dual-action split suspension that provides a complete range of motion and smooth, fluid movement. Best Women's Workout Reviews says the Gazelle Edge is "perfect for people who are new to exercise" as well as advanced users because it can accommodate more challenging exercises like the "Wide Glide, which is the Basic Glide done with longer strides … the High Glide, during which you would increase your pace and extend your arms and legs as far as possible as you stride… and interval training or 'power sprint.'" Leaning forward or backward while striding also helps increase intensity. Some people can get an intense workout on the Gazelle Edge while others say it's better for a "quick and light" workout. Many Target and Amazon customers say they have lost weight using this apparatus that makes exercising fun. As an owner of a Gazelle Edge owner, I agree, but I have had to spray WD-40 on the frame to stop it from squeaking in order to hear the TV. Otherwise, this walker glides along quietly. The Gazelle Edge has a durable 1.5-inch rolled steel frame, foam-covered handlebars, extra-wide non-skid foot platforms, and a computer that tracks speed, distance, time, and calories burned. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds (the more heavy-duty, slightly more expensive model with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds is the Gazelle Freestyle). And, this walker folds up for storage. The Gazelle Edge is ranked first on Best Seekers, second on 10Best Ranked, and fourth on Top Fitness Review. Among almost 100 Target customers it averaged 4.5 out of 5 stars, and 56% of more than 1,700 Amazon reviewers awarded it 5 stars. Pros: Smooth, stable, and durable Cons: No resistance, squeaks Buy the Gazelle Edge on Amazon starting at $128.99 Buy the Gazelle Edge at Target for $128.99 The best versatile air walker You can move front-to-back and side-to-side on the Fitness Reality Dual Action/Multidirectional Cloud Walker X1, greatly expanding your exercise options. Like other walkers, the Fitness Reality Cloud Walker X1 glides forward and backward. But what's different about this versatile model is that its pedals also move side-to-side and have a 180-degree circular range of motion for multi-directional leg exercises. Fit For Gym, which rates the walker very highly, notes that another advantage of this multidirectional movement is that it "enhances the flexibility of the body." Reviewers at 10Best Ranked place the Fitness Reality Cloud Walker X1 within their top three picks and point out that "if you would like to focus a bit more on your thighs, then this is just the walker for you. [It] allows you to stretch your legs from side to side while exercising … you feel the effect of it on your inner and outer thigh muscles [and] your hamstring muscles which further tones your legs faster." Hold the stationary handles, stand on one leg, and either make wide circles with your other leg to tighten your butt and thighs, or push your other leg out to the side to work your inner thighs. You also can push out and pull in both legs simultaneously; squat while doing this to increase intensity. Amazon users compare gliding on the Fitness Reality Cloud Walker X1 to speed walking and cross-country skiing. Although this model has no resistance, one person compensates by "leaning forward and pushing with my arms (which also works the backs of my arms) or leaning backward and pulling with my arms (which also works my biceps). The additional push/pull changes the amount of tension manually that I have to exert with my legs." People also like that this walker is quiet and has a small footprint when folded up for storage. The Fitness Reality Cloud Walker X1 has a 2.75-inch thick tubular steel frame, oversized ribbed foot pads, pulse sensors on the stationary handles, and an LCD computer that displays distance, time, pulse, step count, and calories burned. It has a 36-inch stride length and accommodates users from 4-feet, 10-inches tall to 6-feet tall, weighing up to 225 pounds. Top Fitness Review and Best Seekers rank the Fitness Reality Cloud Walker X1 within their top five choices and Best Reviews Info within its top ten. Among 59 Amazon reviewers, 52% awarded it 5 stars. Pros: Multi-direction movement for diverse leg exercises, helps increase flexibility, easy assembly and folding Cons: No resistance Buy the Fitness Reality Dual Action/Multidirectional Cloud Walker from Walmart for $119.99 Buy the Fitness Reality Dual Action/Multidirectional Cloud Walker from third-party sellers on Amazon The best for outdoors Enjoy a breath of fresh air while exercising alfresco on the durable and smooth Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider. I first tried an outdoor walker in a nearby park, thinking it was a just playground ride. As corny as this sounds, I found myself meditatively gliding while gazing toward a lake and listening to sounds of nature … and then felt the burn when I climbed off after about 10 minutes. So the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider is not merely a playground toy, but a bona fide piece of exercise equipment that delivers a real low-impact, cardio-aerobic workout. Designed to be set up and used outside, the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider has a large, heavy-gauge steel frame covered with a durable paint that protects it from UV rays and resists rust, chipping, and corrosion in non-salt water environments. A Walmart customer who keeps the walker outside on the deck says that it "can stand up to the elements." A couple of other owners, however, note that screws at the joints have developed rust and recommend covering the walker with a large tarp or grill cover. The paint's vibrant green color fits in well with the outdoors. The stable Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider glides smoothly. It has dual-action handlebars so you can tone and strengthen your upper and lower body simultaneously; it also has stationary hand grips to hold while focusing on the lower body only. Its frame is contoured for comfort and it has large textured pedals for different foot sizes. This sturdy 109-pound walker can accommodate users weighing up to 300 pounds and is easy to assemble. Users really enjoy the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider's fluid action and the option of exercising outdoors. In fact, mixing up the routine and going outside for fresh air provide more motivation for working out. Another plus is the ability to keep an eye on kids and pets playing outside. Although the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider does not have any built-in resistance, you can increase intensity as described by one Amazon customer: "If you vary your foot positioning (forward or back), you change the dynamics of your stride. If you bend at the knee you can create short, fast choppy strides working your thighs. Lean back and you accentuate working your upper body, shoulders, back, and arms. Grab the center support and you can do deep and long strides that hit glutes and thighs." The Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider earned 4.2 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviewers — 70% awarded it 5 stars. Pros: Provides freedom and motivation to exercise outdoors, sturdy, smooth Cons: No resistance, screws can develop rust Buy the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider on Amazon for $349.52 Buy the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider from the Home Depot for $349.52 Buy the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider at Dick's Sporting Goods for $599.99 Buy the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider at Target for $599 The best high-end air walker The Gazelle Supreme is a well-known, top-of-the-line air walker with hydraulic resistance, versatility, and advanced technology. Many people have become familiar with air walkers because of the man in the photo above: fitness trainer Tony Little. You would see him pitch Gazelle gliders on TV infomercials in the odd hours. While as-seen-on-TV products tend to be gimmicky, the Gazelle (and Tony Little) has stood the test of time — and still going strong. The most deluxe model in the current Gazelle lineup, the Gazelle Supreme, has many features that really enhance workouts: hydraulic resistance pistons; a patented dual pivot system for a large range of motion and independent movement of the legs; "Soft Glide" technology, which makes striding smooth and reduces the impact on joints; grip pulse monitors and a computer that tracks your heart rate, calories burned, distance, time, and speed; and three workout DVDs ("Total Body Workout," "Tony Little's Quick Shape Workout," and "Tony Little's Ultimate Body Mind Workout") with helpful exercise tips and demonstrations from Mr. Little and friends. You can do 10 different exercises, including variations on gliding (basic, wide, low, high, forward push and power), body positions (leaning forward or leaning back), and arm movements in order to target, tone, and stretch specific leg-, chest-, arm-, back-, and abdominal muscles. The hydraulic pistons offer a lot of resistance, which many users really like. A downside, however, is that you can't adjust the level of resistance — it's either all (pistons engaged) or none (pistons disengaged). Runners, cyclists, and other athletes enjoy the intense but low-impact aerobic and resistance challenges of the Gazelle Supreme. Amazon customers say it's a good alternative to exercising outside in bad weather, mimics cross-country skiing, and nicely supplements their regular routines. Lat PullDown — which ranked this model second after the Sunny Health Fitness Air Walker Trainer — says it provides "excellent cardio training to people of all fitness stages." On the other hand, Top Fitness Review — which rated this air walker within its top five picks — thinks it is best for experienced users "who've owned other elliptical gliders and want to upgrade to a higher quality machine." Nonetheless, Amazon users who are beginners still love using this model. The Gazelle Supreme's stable frame, high-density foam handlebars, and extra-wide non-skid foot platforms with shock-absorbing rubber inserts make people feel secure. Its maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, yet it folds up for easy storage. Numerous users note that the frame squeaks, but this annoyance is easily remedied with WD-40 lubricant spray. Fit For Gym rated the Gazelle Supreme as its second-best air walker. In addition to a favorable review on Best Women's Workout Reviews, this model earned 5 stars from 51% of almost 300 Amazon reviewers and 4.5 out of 5 stars from 74 Dick's Sporting Goods customers. Pros: Stable, intense workout with pistons/resistance Cons: Squeaky, assembly instructions a bit confusing for some Buy the Gazelle Supreme on Amazon for $239.99 Buy the Gazelle Supreme at Target for $239.99 Buy the Gazelle Supreme at Dick's Sporting Goods for $299.99 Tue, 21 2019 19:35:00 GMT New Y Combinator President Geoff Ralston explains why he#039;s so excited about investing in the youngest startups, and his philosophy for helping them to grow (UBER) Silicon Valley startup incubator Y Combinator announced Monday that Geoff Ralston would be named president, replacing former president and chairman Sam Altman. Ralston has been at Y Combinator since 2011 and has known cofounder Paul Graham for 20 years. He most recently led Startup School, Y Combinator's free online class for potential founders. Ralston says that part of the draw to early-stage investing is "seeing Uber before it's Uber," and watching founder teams build an idea into a mutli-billion-dollar business. Y Combinator has helped mentor companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe.  He says that he plans to take a hands-on approach to helping the startups in the Y Combinator program be successful. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Y Combinator's new president isn't trying to shake things up, but he's definitely planning on getting a least a little hands-on. On Monday, the Silicon Valley startup incubator — best known for its early investments in, and mentorship of, companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe — named Geoff Ralston to be its new president.  Ralston will replace Sam Altman, who announced his departure as president in March to dedicate his time to OpenAI, the research organization he co-founded with Elon Musk. With Ralston now at the helm, Altman is also stepping down as chairman, but will remain in an advisory role.  "Sam and [Y Combinator co-founder] Paul Graham and I and the team here share a vision of YC as this long-term greatest university for startups ever," Ralston told Business Insider. "If there's one thing I'd like to do here, it is make sure YC is on a solid ground for the next 10 to 100 years." Read More: As Airbnb and Instacart gear up for rumored IPOs, here are the VC firms that have made the most early investments in billion-dollar startups Ralston is adamant that entrepreneurs coming out of Y Combinator should be a net-positive for the world at large. He points to Uber (not a Y Combinator company, incidentally) as an example, saying even though there are "bumps" — drivers striking over low pay, passenger safety issues, problematic leaders — it would be hard to imagine the world today without the service. The ability to have that kind of impact is what makes him so passionate about early-stage funding. "[The] exciting thing about early-stage investing is you get to see Uber before it's Uber, when it's just [cofounder] Travis [Kalanick] and a few folks with a crazy idea that seems impossible because there aren't enough black cars," Ralston said. "But with a massive change like that, not everyone wins, but when you make something people want, you make a better world. That's why we do what we do. It's good for employment, standards of living, and a better world. We wouldn't do it otherwise." Like the Warriors Over the last several years, Y Combinator has expanded beyond its origins as an early startup incubator program to include later-stage funding, online classes and leadership training, among other new initiatives. In his new role, Ralston will oversee all the separate functions while continuing to play offense. "I like to use the metaphor of the [Golden State] Warriors when I talk about YC," Ralston said. "Think of having a team of superstars, even if the coach walked away you'd still have the superstars and I'm sure they'd do fine, but you need the coach's guiding hand to make it work. I will be a playing coach but to a limited extent. If I help them be more successful, I've succeeded." He added: "[Warriors Head Coach] Steve Kerr is not giving Steph Curry advice on how to shoot three pointers. I have a team of incredible athletes and I am going to work hard to hold onto their respect and trust so they will depend on me like I depend on them." Startups are booming Ralston has been part of the Y Combinator team since 2011 and has known cofounder Paul Graham for 20 years. The pair met when their startups were acquired by Yahoo! In 1997, Ralston's Rocketmail was one of the first web-based email companies, and later became Yahoo! Mail; Graham's Viaweb allowed users to build and host online stores with little technical know-how. "More people are trying to do more things," Ralston said. "People believe in the opportunity represented by starting companies. The initial trend [Graham] saw was that early stage investing will make sense in this space and will give value to companies and tech will be the center of that. That's not going to stop." Ralston and Altman worked together to pitch the transition to Graham, who felt Ralston was the natural successor to lead the increasingly complex business, Ralston said. He wouldn't elaborate on the details of the selection process, but said he is happy Altman is staying on in an advisory role. "He has been giving me advice since I met him," Ralston said of Altman. "He's a really deep thinker, and I lean on him for advice on many things. His counsel is pretty precious to me" According to Ralston, the promotion was well received within Y Combinator's internal team of nearly 60 employees during an all-hands meeting on Monday. "I'm not unknown, but it's still gratifying that people are psyched," Ralston told Business Insider. SEE ALSO: Al Gore's environmental-sustainability fund has raised $1 billion to pump into new markets focused on health and wealth inequality Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Watch Mark Zuckerberg outline Facebook's new 6-principle approach to privacy Tue, 21 2019 18:22:28 GMT Comcast is working on an Amazon Echo competitor to track people#039;s health Comcast is working on a device to monitor people#039;s health at home, as well as some media and communications services, according to people familiar with the plans. Tue, 21 2019 17:13:00 GMT Why Having (And Being) A Mentor Is Key To Building Your Career We spend much of our lives developing relationships - ones we’re born into, ones we forge through shared experiences, and ones that we choose for ourselves. Relationships are critical to our personal happiness, and to our career success, as well. Here's a guide to growing business relationships. Tue, 21 2019 15:46:00 GMT Men Don’t Want To Mentor Women, Study Says: How Women Can Get The Career Advice They Need With these three tips, you can still learn and be your own career adviser. Tue, 21 2019 12:20:00 GMT Driver shocked to find giant monitor lizard hiding behind his car A driver was shocked after finding a seven-foot-long monitor lizard curled up behind his car. Phongsakorn Merin, 54, was watching TV he heard his dog barking in the garage of his home in Chachoengsao, central Thailand, on May 19. The resident went to see what was causing the noise and was stunned when the giant reptile scurried along the ground and dashed under his black Honda. Rescue workers arrived and had a hard time catching the ferocious beast - which snapped one pole then tried to climb through a window. However, the monitor lizard - known locally as a 'money gold' because they are believed to bring good luck - was eventually caught by three men. Relieved house owner Phongsakorn said: ''I was sitting inside when I heard my dog barking. I saw the lizard and tried to chase it out but it refused to go. ''Even the rescue team could not catch the lizard. They kept trying until it became tired.'' The lizard was tied up then dragged into a paramedic's car before being driven away and released into the wild several miles away from where it is unlikely to disturb humans. Tue, 21 2019 10:21:04 GMT